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Insurance Administration Software

We present the tool that will boost your sales, customers and organize tasks, facilitate their administration and keep informed on their production.


Insurance Policy Administration. Renewals, Pending Policies. Attachments/Cloud.

Life, Health, Investment, Travel, Property, and others.

Claims. Complete management. Invoices details. Attachments.

Custom Production Reports. Graphics. Import / Export.

Commissions. Detailed management. Historical Summary.

Agreements. Companies and Agencies. Levels and Ratios.

Companies, Products, Plans, Riders.

Business Levels Structure. Agents, Managers, Directors.

Companies, Agents, Customers, Contacts, Suppliers, other.

Real-time Conventions status.


AdminSeg is a complete online Management System, perfected for Brokers, Agencies and Professionals dedicated to the Insurance industry.

Agencies and brokers from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, United States, Uruguay and Venezuelaalready benefit from this software, which allows the management of policies within their organizations.

The advance in the use of online resources have gained a significant value in the way that brokers and agencies manage their business.  Processes such as commission payments, automatic notification of renewals, policy payments, cancellations, special dates, and among others generate value to management and provide significant savings and ultimately efficiency; a natural and necessary ingredient for a successful business. 

AdminSeg offers many advantages in the complete management of your portfolio and creating custom production reports from any Internet-connected device.

Organize your Clients, Companies, News & Events, upload your Policies, and view your production by creating your own lists and charts.

Added value: Check your qualification status toward various conventions or incentives, stay informed and properly notify customers and your agents about renewals and pending policies. Manage your own and agents’ Commissions through a friendly, reliable and 100% online system.

With AdminSeg gain the competitive advantage by optimizing your processes in a detailed, professional, and easily accessible way.


We provide the tools that increase customers service, provide efficiency, and more importantly boost sales!